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Automate your SMSSMS marketingmarketing

SMS campaign automation makes it easy to reach people

You can add SMS messages as a step in your automations. That means you can send scheduled text message notifications and campaigns automatically.

  • Appointment reminders
  • SMS messages to event attendees
  • Confirmation or coupon code delivery
  • Flash sale notifications

Manage Campaigns

Import contacts

Import your contacts from any CSV or Excel document


Schedule a time and date for your campaign and send messages automatically at the right time.


The recipients of a contact list can unsubscribe from the list with a link included in the messages.

A powerful SMSSMS marketingmarketing

Your campaigns are delivered instantly in your contacts’ pockets

SMSs are faster than emails
and have the best open rate.

Do you need to remind your attendees about your event tomorrow? Do you have a flash promotion that lasts five hours? Go for an SMS campaign!

While even the best email campaigns can sit unopened in many inboxes, and for a long while, SMSs arrive directly in your contacts’ pockets, with almost absolute certainty that they will be opened and read in the next minute.